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So after a positive start to my Full Triathlon campaign it’s happened again: another really rubbish lazy week full of going out, boozing, staying up late and very little training.

The ugly truth is that I don’t have the option of living like a normal person for the next 4 months (yes it is now only 4 months!)

I can’t lie in bed and not be bothered. I have to be bothered if this is going to happen and, when you are almost fifty, a week of doing nothing doesn’t mean that I won’t get better fitter faster stronger it actually means that I am less betterfitterfasterstronger than I was the week before!

So week 8 was that week and so soon after week 6 – another rubbish week! No excuses: I just didn’t put in the work. I went out and did a lot of talking about it! I bought some new kit – tights and a day-glow yellow jacket to replace the one that is falling apart everytime it gets washed – but all I did was an easy hill climb, one swim and one turbo bike sess!

The good news is that week 9 saw the exact opposite! A new keener me. OK with less trips to the pub or up to town planned temptation was not so much of a problem, but I like to think that I have turned a corner. I guess we shall wait for week 10 to see if that is true or if I truely am doomed to lazyslobdom.

Week 9 started with my normal swim but just a bit longer 2km in total. To break it down I tend to do a 200 metre warm, then “my swim” what ever that might be and then a warm down. “my Swim” this week was approximately a 1600 metre blast that started off with “I wonder how far I can swim in 30 minutes” and then went on from there.

The truth is I lost count so I have no idea how far I can swim in 30 minutes nor exactly how far I went in the remaining time, but I swam for 50 minutes and I was doing approximately 75 second lengths, so you do the maths.

I came home and realed off a 90 minute turbo session round a mediteranean island. Hopefully soon I will stop wasting time and actually cycle to my swimming session. The problem is I have to fit in breakfast, digestion time and the obligatory early morning motion! Maybe next week!

Tuesday has recently been turning into a rest day on the basis that I have a lot of work to do and stuff to do in the evening but I would love to make it a run day – DRR alternate hills and speed work on Tuesday and both could be quite useful.

Wednesday was another brick day: a shorter swim and cycle in the morning than Monday but an 11 mile run in the evening. I powered home feeling great too – GET IN THERE!

I am quite liking the lack of structure with my training but I am sure there are many out there who are reading this with a growing sense of doom. Especially when you hear that my midweek training petred out a bit with just a 40 minute swim on Friday! I did wind up with a 40km ride out on Sunday which increased the weeks hours of training to six and ended Week 9 exactly on course to what I set out just two months previous with an increase each month of training hours.

Lets see what happens next (17 weeks to go!)