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So it is probably best that it happened now, early in my training!

I love my tennis, turning out every week for Toddington Tennis Club, but I’ve been aware that I pushing my luck, what with my knees and all.

When I trained for Lisbon Rock And Roll marathon I gave up tennis with 10 weeks to go as I didn’t want to risk an injury putting pay to my race chances. But this full triathlon is a whole different ball game and, at almost 50 years of age, even the slightest niggle might put me out for a week and put me back 2 weeks.

So last Tuesday, during a stirring rally, as I turned from a running cross court backhand that won the point and sent the crowd in my head in to raptures I twisted my knee.

I am already called robocop on the basis of how much padding I wear, so the knee didn’t go that far, but after two more games it was clear that I needed to stop. Of course, being a bloke, it wasn’t till after another two games I actually did stop!

Home to ice, anti-inflamatories and the vow that my tennis stops now until after the race.

I woke with a very stiff leg indeed and, with the worry that I might not be able to do my usual session with DRR, I put in a yoga session to see how my body would respond. A quick jog up the road told me that I was out for the week.

The week had already started badly becuase I got lost on my first cycle to the swimming pool, got a puncture and missed the swim session, so I was not best pleased

Just in time my copy of 220 arrived on the doorstep, so I was able to put in some fairly serious sessions on the sofa, reading about how everybody else goes about this business we called Tri, so the week was not a complete wash out. One article mentioned that if you are injured you should add an extra day to your recovery so I pretended that I was fit on Friday, added Saturday and went for a cycle ride on Sunday!

40km that I needn’t have done, round the Bedfordshire/Buckinghamshire borders in icy-cold conditions with a wind that seemed to be in my face on the way out AND on the way back, re-instated my hardman status and ended the week on a high: it is those sessions that will be the difference on the day. The ones with beautiful sunshine, no wind and ending in a beer with some mates will just be the icing on the cake!

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