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We were tidying up after tea and I took a breath in and, although I hadn’t thought of saying it, I almost said “you know what Clare, I think I won’t do the triathlon”.

I came that close. After the injury last week and other things getting in the way this week, I just couldn’t see how I could manage to do the training needed.

Of course I didn’t say it and it remains to be seen whether I actually do, but I guess that feeling, of not knowing whether this is possible, will remain until I turn up on the finish line at some unspecified time after the start!

And actually, last week wasn’t bad. It started with a fairly standard bike/swim on Monday and then hill work on Tuesday, and at the end of the week I created my own mini triathlon with a 2km swim, 20 mile bike and a 5k run on Friday, which was fun and then I ran 10km off of a 3h:20m bike session with no trouble at all, so there is progress AND that was my first 10 hour training week.

But my ankle is still tight and everything aches (in a bad way) just a little, so my body is certainly not helping… although I always knew that would be the case.

Will I ever know whether a full triathlon is within my capability?

Even now, with 9 weeks to go, it is almost twice as far as I have ever swam, it is twice as far as I have ever cycled and I have only ran that distance once. I must be bloody mad!

I’ve also just started thinking about nutrition. Normally I eat well, but probably not like an athelete – unless an athelete regularly has a couple of beers and half a packet of chocky halfbacks for “pudding”

Lots of veg, oats, fish and a few supplements to help with joints etc. But now I’ve started reading that “lots of” doesn’t quite cut it! Apparantly I need to know exactly how much my body needs and how much I am giving it, down to the nearest gram! Oh give me a greak. I’ve barely got time for the training let alone all of this!

Question: is it normal for something different to hurt after almost every single session: back, ankle, calf, achilies, knee, thigh, shoulder, neck?

The only sessions I come out of feeling vaguely intact is yoga!

Ah well, onwards and upwards