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So last weekend I cycled to Norfolk.

I got my newly tuned bike from cycleworx the night before and set off bright and breezy on Friday morning. 133 miles later I arrived to a hero’s welcome and a beer!

To be honest I am not too sure who the hero was or, for that matter, whose the beer was! My chums were all rather surprised at my feet of endeavour (and the rest of my body) but, to be honest, what with all this training, if I hadn’t managed it, there would have been trouble.

It took about 11 hours and included a pie and a pint in mildenhall and an hour’s walk through Thetford Forest when my route took me along its sandy lanes!

It also included getting lost in Biggleswade when Google maps tried to take me over a high pedestrian bridge in my cycle shoes – not impressed!

So I reckon that gives me about 9 hours in the saddle doing 20 miles more than what I will do on the day! Simples!

How did I feel afterwards? Great! A bit stiff, but nothing that a run wouldn’t have sorted out. I was fine the next morninga nd did a gentle jog along the beach but I could have done longer quite easily.

So that is that. I know I can run a marathon. I know I can ride a bike for 112 miles. There is only one piece of the jigsaw left to fit: can I swim 3.8km?

I have got 9 days before my entry has to be in so I am going to be quite busy… must dash!