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Is it too early in the process to have one of these weeks?

Monday was a slog, I just swam a bit, Tuesday I didn’t fancy running so I played a couple of sets of tennis (something last week I swore I wouldn’t do: the risk of injury being too much), Wednesday I struggled around a 7 mile run, Thursday I rested, Friday I swam for 45 minutes and, had mum not called wanting her car back, I wouldn’t have done anything at the weekend. As it was, I struggled over the 4.5 miles from theirs to ours before flopping down and watching Match of the Day on record!

Was it the weather, was it boredom, was it laziness and will it happen again next week?

Does anyone have any thoughts?

Am I going off the idea? Do I actually need to book the race so that I have more motivation or if I need that now will only god help me nearer the time?

It is also disappointing because last week went so well!

Anyway, week 6 ended with a 50th birthday celebration for my brother-in-law Alan. He is also a “friend of Tim” (one who visits the Wonderful World of Tri) and so at least the week ended with a shot of bravado as we discussed our progress and our plans for the year.

He is going about things in a slightly different way to me.

Whereas my plan this year is to train just to compete in one event, he is combining competing and training throughout the year.

He isn’t even doing a full tri this year but two 70.3 (which will be his first and second 70.3’s – in that order). He is also doing some long runs and swims and rides and a few shorter tris, making his year one of a series of running skirmishes rather than one do or die battle at the end of it.

But I can’t afford such guerilla tactics so I must try to succeed in my own way.

His plans took a knock when he came off his bike on the first lap of a Christmas race but the insurance money has just come through so he will soon be enjoying a new bike – he is thinking a Specialised Roubaix 2015: any recommendations?

Talking about new bikes, my other brother-in-law has just bought a new bike. He hasn’t been out on it yet so it is an ornament rather than a piece of sporting equipment.

When he collected it, he was rather chuffed to see the reactions that it got as it sat in the shop waiting for him to complete the paperwork.

Question: how do you spell the sound that a cyclist makes when he or she walks into a shop and sees a really nice bike? Or is there a suitable emoticon? I feel a competition coming on…

Feel free to comment with your idea.