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After last week’s positive end I wanted to push on with my first early morning brick. If you don’t know, a brick is a training session that takes in two or more disciplins.

But it was very cold out so I chickened out and drove to the pool. I spent a really powerful hour, slowly but surely cranking up the speed and, by the time I got home I was feeling good enough to hop onto the turbo trainer!

Brick Success!

Tuesday was going to be yoga day but work got in the way so by Wednesday I was feeling a bit lazy… I shouldn’t have worried though.

After another good session in the pool I came back to get straight to work, but feeling that there was an opportunity for a bit of a mile stone I hopped on the trainer with an eye of rounding off an Olympic distance triathlon in a day with a 10km run in the evening with DRR.

So half way through week 5 I have already have an Olympic Triathlon under my belt. OK it took me all day and it did occur to me that on race day itself I will also be starting at 7:30am with a swim, putting in some cycling before returning from a run at about 8:30pm. The only difference will be that instead of a mile swim, 40km bike 10km run and then a rather sedentary day at my desk, I will have spent all day out on the road!

Kind-a puts it in to perspective!

The finished with a swim on Friday and a short 20mile ride on Sunday and a vague feeling that there should be more to training for a full triathlon than this rather lack-a-daiscal, slap-dash approach that seems to be tipifying my training at the moment… still: early days!

Talking about early days. When I first decided to do the London triathlon, I started training approximately 5 months out, not being able to swim more than 100metres crawl and not having run 10km for quite some time and only ever cycled over 30km in a day once.

This time round, at 5 months out, the good news is that I have already done all of those Olympic distances in one day. The bad news is that I think the second mile swim, the second 90km bike and the other 3/4 of a marathon might be a bit harder to do!

I think that next week needs a bit more endurance to see what I am really up against. It might be a bit early but I feel a big bike ride coming on. I hope the weather is good.