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So it started with a twinge in my shoulder. I ignored it. Tried to go swimming failed after 100 metres. Tried running – speed training was fine but my calves were quite tight next day went for an easy 7 miles OUCH!

I don’t know whether it was going over on my ankle at about 5 miles or just the general ignoring of pain, but later that evening my lower back was aching, so was my left ankle, my right calf AND I had a twing in my groin. The only good news was that the shoulder seemed fine!

Training, I think,  is like tuning an instrument: you are basically tightening everything so that when you hit it it makes a nice, taught, humming, noise and doesn’t go twang or flunk or draboing!

The downside is that, certainly with my body, the difference between a nice taught, humming, noise and ‘draboing’ is not very much.

So this weeks lessons are:

  • when it hurts, stop immediately and,
  • To make the gap bewteen your body singing an aria and going ‘draboing’ as wide as possible, make sure you have someone on your team that can give you a good sports massage. Not a candles and ‘omn’ person but a proper body mechanic: after-all I am just trying to get this old jallopy from a to b, not turn it into a ferari.

It’s a pity really because I had spent the previous week in the lake district running and cycling and… well not much swimming, around that beautiful area and, although I wasn’t getting quicker the hours were starting to rack up.

Ah well! set back a few weeks and only 11 to go… getting a bit worried now!