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Last week ended poorly with the run  out with my mate, Rick, being cancelled and chores taking over any spare time.

However what was good was how I felt, really missing the training rather than being secretly pleased I could spend an extra morning out of the cold.

So Monday started well with an hour of swimming. I had been trying to count lengths and do some reps but I just got lost so I swam what I felt like swimming and was just happy to do the time.

Like the ride, I think the time in the pool is going to be the crucial factor so I am not too bothered how far I go on any particular session, just how long I take to get there.

I will continue to train in a pair of rather baggy swim shorts so hopefully on the day of the race, the extra streamlining and other advantages of wearing my wetsuit will see me the rest of the way. Does anyone know what extra help a wetsuit gives you? Can that be quantified?

After last week’s Tuesday tennis session I felt very jaded for my Wednesday run so I woke up considering running instead of playing tennis. But by the time I got to Tuesday afternoon I just fancied a game of tennis! So tennis is what I played… and I am glad I did.

Far from feeling jaded the next day I powered through a 1 hr 30 min bike session when I put my bike on my trainer in the morning and then in the evening went out for a run with DRR.

The really joyful bit was when I skipped back into the house to announce to Clare that I was well and truly back.

A yoga session on Thursday had to wind up the week’s training as life rather caught up with me and my second swim of the week become an outing with the kids to Aqua Vale at Aylesbury which doesn’t count.

I am looking forward to pushing on this week and as long as training doesn’t become a chore I think I can quite easily pick up the pace.

One thing I am going to have to do is start training at the weekend as, so far, all my sessions have been during the week which means one session per disciplin, which is not enough.