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May has been a month of stepping up. More sessions and longer sessions and more aches and pains.

For the first time during my training I enlisted the help of my friendly neighbourhood sports therapist. or “Viki the Witch” as she has become to be known since her treatment of my IT bands… apparantly it’s my fault!

The first week of May was the first week in which I completed all distances, all be it over several sessions!

Two swims gave me the 3.6km, a long bike ride and three shorter hops got me up and over the 112 miles on rubber and two short runs and a half marathon saw me complete the challange in just under 168 hours – HOORAY!

Bad news – my ankle is still giving me gip. It was getting better but then coming back from one of my short runs and I just went over a little on it and bish bash bosh – a little more pain than your average healthy 49 year old normally experiences.

It is fine when I am riding or swimming which is lucky because after a pint or two with cycling chums Rick and Craig it is evident that I need to up the cycling.

So off we went for a 65 mile jaunt round Milton Keynes… and you know what? Not to bad! OK it was quite slow, about 14.5 miles per hour if you don’t count a quick pitstop for coffee and cake at Jennie Wren’s Tea Rooms, which I don’t!

It was a super day out but one that underlined the need to get the bike serviced as we were acompanied by a chorus of groans and whirs coming from various parts of my bike that were louder then those coming from me!

So the bike is in at cycleworx in Flitwick for a little love and tender care… well if I’ve treated my body to an overhaul it is only right that I do the same for my Greg Lemond!