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My brother-in-law has been texting me about his triathlon plans this year.

He is already planning a Marathon, a 5 kilometre swim, two 70.3 (half Ironman) an Olympic distance triathlon (these are what the Brownlies do and are effectively only quarter triathlons) a 14k swim in the Thames, a handful of off-road races, a couple of loch swims and a Greek training camp… honestly I am knackered just listing them!

His training is just as bonkers and has only been slowed slightly by a crash on Christmas day, which wrote off his bike. In recovering from this set back he has done 7km of swimming over the past 4 days.

Compared to this frenetic pace, since New Year’s Day, I have upped my standard weekly excersise to one session of yoga, a one kilometre run(!) a seven mile run and a 1:30hrs session with my bike on a roller during which I cycled round a random mediteranean island courtesy of Youtube!

Also I plan to do only one competition and instead of a Greek training camp, my “warm weather training” will be wearing a wooly jumper under my flourescent cycling jacket.

Of course this is only the start. I do plan to try a bit harder. After all, although I know I can run the distance and cycle half the distance required, I have never swam further than 1 mile.

But I am mindful of the plight of my running partner Mike in Lisbon who blew up half way through training and was left walking the course: I don’t want to over do it.