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Got off to a gentle start with a Yoga session on Monday.

I much prefer the repetition of videos rather than the live classes that keep trying to mix it up just as I get used to a routine. I stopped doing step classes because, just as I got the hang of something, the world moved on and I was back to tripping over my feet and heading in the wrong direction again.

At the moment I am doing a 49 minute routine that is full of flowing vinyasas, stretches and holds and even in the face of extended tennis matches, more hours down on the bars and an increased swimming routine it is keeping my shoulders looser than they have ever been before – much to the annoyance of the friendly local sports massage parlour!

Tennis is taking more out of me than it was at the end of last year. This is partly because we play on a wet and cold windswept moor worthy of an Emily Brontë novel otherwise known as Toddington Tennis club and partly because as I get better and make fewer mistakes the longer the rallies go on.

This is starting to worry me slightly as my knees puff up and can’t bend so well the next day. This also increases the chance of injury. It is OK at the moment but soon I wont be able to take the risk. It’s annoying because I really enjoy it and there is a good bunch of players up there – “good” as in “friendly”, they are terrible players 🙂

Sleepless nights stopped me from rising early to swim until Friday but I am glad I made it then because I got to talking to some fellow triathletes about the local clubs: there are lots about so I will see which one is the best fit and then see if they will have me. I was doing fine talking to one lady from Boxfit Luton till I told her about my plans. I don’t think she thinks I’m up to it: “You’ve only just started training?”

Still After my first swim session last week of 200, 400, 400, 200 today I swam 200, 400, 800, 200, so I am on the right track.

I did have some training a few years so I hope to improve quite rapidly. Today I was concentrating on keeping what feels like a good body and head position and practicing rotating the body during the stroke to bring in the bigger muscle groups.

It all reminds me of when I started training for the London Olympic distance triathlon in 2006 (my first), I couldn’t even breathe on both sides, let alone consider a good breathing position!

I’m wearing baggy shorts for a bit of drag and the great news today was that I tried my new goggles (See Kit) and loved them! I might have to get a couple of other pairs before the sale ends!

My only other outing this week was a run with Dunstable Road Runners. Coming the  day after tennis, even an hour at 9 minute pace was draining, although I was “warm weather training”  in my jogging bottoms, gloves, hat, t-shirt, shirt and cycle jacket which in the gale force wind we had on Wednesday was a challange in itself!

Tomorrow I am out running with my oldest friend Rick who runs for Flitwick and Ampthill. Also a keen cyclist, I am going to get him to help me set up my bike with the new pedals I bought then I can play with them this weekend, which will top off the week nicely although my new tri friends at the pool are suggesting that I might like to re-think my bike training plan adding a few sportives into the mix to get my nether regions used to the pain.

I’m not sure I want my nether regions to get used to pain!