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An SEO expert is Just Like a Car Mechanic?

Some may say the analogy is a good one. They both have seemingly mystical powers where you have none and you are never quite sure what they are doing even when they explain it to you.

But one SEO company decided to take the analogy even further to try and explain why you should pay more for your SEO – ie the rates they charge rather than the rates other SEO companies charge.

I read it then re-read it and then thought about my experience with my local garage (who, by the way is brilliant!)

I think Not!

I wont go into detail but I found the main difference between my garage and my seo company is that my garage doesn’t say

“I am going to charge you to look at your car and then I am going to do the best work in the world and you are going to know it is the best work in the world because I am going to charge you more than anyone else does but I will not guarantee that the work I do will improve the performance of the car and even if it does improve the performance of the car, it may not be noticeable and it may not last for very long and if you go elsewhere and they charge less I can guarantee that they are not as good as me and if they use packages instead of analogies to help communicate their offering they are also not as good as me”

Sometime selling SEO comes frighteningly close to selling the emperor’s new clothes and yes the automotive industry used to operate a bit like that, but it seems the SEO industry has yet to catch up!

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