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I am now the proud owner of 5 demijohns of Edlerflower Wine.


I thought I had blown it. I had taken my eye off the job. The yeast was dead and the wine was looking decidedly unlively!

I had a sniff and that wasn’t too good either.

Elderflower wine is my favourite ever wine which is pretty amazing as I had a rather disasterous first encounter with the stuff courtesy of the school chaplain when we were in the 5th form.

“Come round lads and we’ll try some homebrew” One deadly evening later and I was almost drunk enough to believe that there was a god… certainly I ended up talking to him later that evening!

Normally a event like that would put me off but not at all, so I was very downhearted when I thought that I had lost my enire 2014 harvest!

So I am really glad that I carried on just in case. So I siphoned off the elixir into clean demijohns and sealed them up.

Now I have to wait again and keep my fingers crossed!

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