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We are Tim Don!

No matter who says different, within all us MAMILs with tri-dreamsthere is a Tim Don trying to get out.

This is the positive attitude that I have to have if I am to beat this ridiculous challange of swimming 2.4 miles followed by cycling 112 miles followed by a marathon, all in one day.

At every step of my training, my successes have done nothing except underline the enormity of the challenge.

Every time I ramp up the mileage I compare it to where I have to get to. Of course I should be comparing it with where I have come from and what I have done to get here, but it is hard to ignore the mountain ahead, even when there is quite a sizeable hill behind you!

So where am I?

With three and a bit weeks to go I am running three times a week – one speed, one medium (10 mile)  and one longer distance (between 13 and 18 miles)

With three weeks to go I am cycling one long (50 – 100 miles) and one or two short (20 miles) rides.

With three weeks to go I am swiming 2 to 3km 2 times a week.

I wish I could continue this for another 8 weeks. THEN I think I would be there. But I have realised that this was never about what I could do – this was pushing myself to find out what I couldn’t do!

During one of my darker moments when I was considering not doing the full distance but a shorter version, Clare, my wife, asked me if I would rather do a half and succeed or try a full and fail. Without hesitation I answered “A full and fail”.

Of course I would rather do a full and succeed, but if, somewhere along a full triathlon I do break down I will have discovered my potential – and it is only by pushing ourselves to failure that we can truly know our limits.

Of course I am not saying that if I succeed I will be disappointed! Hell no! I’ll be a proper Triathlete. I’ll be a Chtriman – although I am not sure what the Ch’ bit means, but that is immaterial!

I guess what I trying to say is that I am just happy to be able to tri! Just as I think everyone in this sport should be… you see, we are all Tim Don – from the first to the last!